Having received extensive training as a classical musician, Linda developed an affinity for music and a profound love for the arts.  She was introduced to Flamenco 14 years ago and has been hooked ever since. 

A recipient of the prestigious William J. Fulbright fellowship, Linda has spent the last few years researching the Flamenco Puro style of dance while performing in various venues within Sevilla, the epicenter of Flamenco. 

She has had the fortunate privilege of studying with the world's foremost Flamenco artists such as: Carmen Ledesma, El Oruco, Concha Vargas, Belen Maya, Yolanda Heredia, Alicia Marquez and Angeles Gabaldon.

Described as an earthy dancer, Linda is most attracted to the Flamenco Puro style for its sincerity, intimacy and longevity.  Her teaching philosophy is to encourage her students to have fun cultivating their own unique style while maintaining a strong technical base.

Linda currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

photos by Alis Soirat

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